Digital Pressure Gauges

We carry both Additel’s 680 & 681 and Martel’s Beta PI and PI Pro and PIR Pro series of digital pressure test gauges. These gauges offer laboratory standards of testing accuracy, in a rugged, hand-held field instrument. They cover every pressure range up to 250,000 kPa in various pressure measurement units. They cover gauge pressure, compound pressure & absolute pressure. We can offer gauges with menu-driven ease of use, data logging, wireless connectivity and low-light readability. For instant user comprehension of results some models combine digital with analogue display.


When it comes to choosing a high quality digital pressure gauge, it’s hard to go past the selection at Zedflo. We specialise in supplying Additel digital pressure gauges to industries across Australia, and our highly experienced team is always on hand to provide you with expert advice.


Our digital pressure gauges provide the highest levels of both reliability and performance, and are used in a range of demanding applications, including in the mining, oil and gas, and chemical industries.


  • ADT680 Digital Pressure Gauge

    ADT 680/680W IP67 Digital Pressure Gauge

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  • ADT 681 Digital Test Gauge (Now with IECEX)

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  • ADT 681 Digital Differential Test Gauge (Now with IECEX)

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