Power Quality Analysers

More and more modern electrical devices demand high power quality, in the form of voltage and frequency stability. The Zedflo catalogue includes a range of Metrel power quality analysers. These include handheld units for assessing power quality in low- and medium voltage systems, for example:


Metrel’s MI 2592 PowerQ4 – a handheld, simple to use, portable power quality analyser with four current and four voltage measuring channels.


Metrel’s MI 2892 Power master – Compliance with power quality standard IEC 61000-4-30 Class A power quality analyser, hand held easy to use, colour display, measures voltage, current, harmonics, transients, flicker, energy, active, reactive and apparent power and waveform displays.

  • MI 2892 Power Master

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  • MI 2885 Master Q4

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  • MI 2883 Energy Master

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