Establishing Quality Control In Your Manufacturing Plant

July 27, 2016

In any manufacturing industry, quality control is an issue that you should take care of very keenly if you are interested in running a world class facility. Unfortunately, establishing such quality control might seem highly technical means that many people might shy away from doing it right. However, the key to ensuring that you do it right is by having a stepwise approach to it. Some of the specific things you need to watch out for include:

Getting the correct equipment

clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters

If you are to have excellent quality control in any manufacturing plant, you need to make sure that all the necessary equipment is properly calibrated and installed. For instance, when dealing with packaging of liquids, you might need to get clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters to regulate how much fluid is installed in each container. This equipment needs to be suited to the application you are putting it, and also has to be properly installed. The types of equipment you get should also have the accuracy that you need. For instance, when packaging highly toxic medicines, the ultrasonic flow meters will need to be considerably more accurate compared to those used in another facility such as a cooking oil packaging plant.

Proper maintenance

Maintaining of all the equipment is essential to ensuring that the quality control will not be compromised. Remember that as any machine works, it tends to undergo wear and tear that will eventually result in loss of accuracy. If you neglect it for very long, this could lead to a loss of quality. How frequently the maintenance is done should depend on your tolerances for accuracy, as well as the quality of the machine and how frequently you use it.

Regular testing

Another essential step in maintaining quality in any plant is regular testing and evaluation. This is the only way to get an idea of whether the plant is running at a tolerable quality level, or if there are lapses that are resulting in loss of quality. How often the testing is done depends on tolerances for error. For instance, in any medical manufacturing plant, you may find it necessary to do the testing every morning owing to the fact that the processes are usually very sensitive.

Employ someone to be in charge of quality control

In most plants, quality control is something that needs dedicated attention. To this end, asking someone to carry it out as an extra duty might not work. The only way to ensure that the process is done correctly is by having someone only focus on quality control. There are various technical courses that are dedicated to this, and employing someone who has such credentials might prove beneficial to you.

In summary, quality control in any manufacturing or processing plant is not something that should intimidate you, even if the plant is small. By following the above tips, you can ensure that you put in place the right mechanisms to make sure that not only does it work, but that it does so to the degree that you want.

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