ADT 761 Automated Pressure Calibrator with Electric Pump

November 01, 2019




The Additel 761 is an all in one automated pressure calibrator with a built-in pump and controller which automatically generates and controls pressure to the desired set point. With its keypad, large colour display, and icon-based menu, the 761 is extremely easy to use. Each unit includes task documentation, mA and V source and measure, 24V loop supply and HART communication.


Each unit includes a high and low-range sensor giving you excellent performance over the full range of the unit. Every Additel pressure sensor is specially aged and fully temperature compensated from -10 to 50°C ensuring the best performance regardless of the environmental conditions.


The calibrator’s in-built task management allows tests to be defined and run automatically at the touch of a button.

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  • Integral electric pump generates pressure from 90 % vacuum up to 4000 kPa
  • Measure up to 700 Bar with optional external pressure modules
  • Accuracy 0.02% FS, pressure control stability 0.005% FS
  • Fully automated pressure calibration
  • Task management capability, upload, download and document
  • Compact, portable and light weight, all in one solution.
  • HART communication capability with 24 volt loop power supply
  • 7” LCD colour screen with on screen Help menu