DMTFH Hand held Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

November 01, 2019




The DMTFH hand held clamp on transit time ultrasonic flow meter is a simple to use, low cost flow meter suitable for a variety of liquid applications. It can be used for flow measurements where meters are not installed and for checking and comparing against existing meters.

The DMTFH is carefully designed so that it is very compact and easy to use. A user can comfortably hold as well as operate the flow meter main unit. The user-interface is self-explanatory and very easy to follow and the unique clamp-on fixture design makes the installation very simple and no special skills or tools required. Due to the non-intrusive nature of the clamp-on technique, there is no pressure drop, no moving parts, no leaks and no contamination.


  • Compact design, light-weight and user-friendly.
  • Principle of Transit Time and MultiPulse™ Technology.
  • Can be used for mobile measurement, flow rate calibration, data comparing, meters running status checking.
  • A variety of liquid applications can be accommodated: ultra-pure liquids, potable water, chemicals, reclaimed water, cooling water, river water, plant effluent, etc.

Ultrasonic flow meter applications:

  • Water (hot water, cooling water, potable water, sea water etc.)
  • Petroleum products.
  • Chemicals, including alcohol, acids, etc.
  • Beverage, food and pharmaceutical processors.
  • Secondary sewage, waste treatment, etc.
  • Power plants, Metallurgy and miming applications.
  • Pipeline leak detection, inspection, tracking and collection.

For a data logging flow meter, we suggest the use of the higher model DMTFP with inbuilt logging, see here

Principle of measurement:

DMTF transit time flow meters utilise two transducers that function as both ultrasonic transmitters and receivers.
The transducers are clamped on the outside of a closed pipe at a specific distance from each other.
The two transducers transmits and receives ultrasonic signals amplified by multi beam which travels firstly downstream and then upstream.
Because ultra sound travels faster downstream than upstream, there will be a difference of time of flight and the meter calculates this transit time as a flow rate.

For full specification and model selection, see the brochure here

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  • Compact design
  • Easy to configure
  • Works with most liquids
  • Non intrusive, clamps to outside of pipe
  • Data logging optional
  • Pipe sizes from 12mm to 4500mm


DMTFH Hand Held Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter