Fast-Cal Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

November 01, 2019


Fast-Cals are available in basic or complete models.

With a Basic Dry Block Calibrator the thermometer under test is compared to the dry block controller value. This is useful for moderate temperature ranges and quick testing.

With a complete model (an ISO 9000 Calibration System) the thermometer under test is compared to a calibrated standard, for true traceability and clearly meets the requirements of ISO 9000.

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  • Rugged, hard-wearing stainless steel case
  • Hygienic with no paint to chip or flake
  • No membrane keypads
  • Lightweight, between 6.35 and 6.60 kg depending upon the model
  • Easy to use on site. A soft, lightweight shoulder case makes transporting the Fast-Cal effortless
  • Fast response, high stability
  • The Fast-Cals are so easy to use you hardly need the manual
  • The Medium and High Fast-Cals incorporate a built-in Insert holder for ultra fast changes and restarts of calibration cycles
  • The Fast-Cals (excepting the 2010) all have the same sized removable inserts which can be drilled to your exact requirements. A standard insert is included
  • PC software included


Fast-Cal Range