Precision Test Gauges – 0.1%

November 01, 2019




Incorporating 3D Instruments’ well known expertise in test gauge design and application, the Precision Test Gauge provides unsurpassed long term accuracy. The dial face design comes directly from 3D experience with the practical use of high resolution pressure calibration in the laboratory and the field.

With the 3D Precision Test Gauge there is no need for preliminary pressure cycling. All materials used are selected to be corrosion resistant. All gauges are supplied with a bleed port, and Bronze bushings are used ensuring low friction and long term precision in extreme applications involving dust, vibration and temperature variation.

All Precision Test Gauge dials are linear and interchangeable in the field for the same pressure range. The advantage of using the Ni-Span C Bourdon tube and the resulting low hysteresis is that the Precision Test Gauges are not individually matched to a non-linear dial. This makes field repair and calibration not only a possibility but a relatively easy task performed with exactness and facility by instrument technicians in real world situations.

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  • High accuracy 0.1% of span
  • Repeatability 0.02% of span
  • Hysteresis 0.1% of span (or less)
  • Inherent temperature compensation from -32°C to 52°C
  • 120% full scale pressure with no calibration shift
  • 200% full scale pressure without damage
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Linear dials, span micro-adjust and zero reference adjust allow component replacement and simplify recalibration
  • Easy reading high resolution 3D dial in soft green and white with a mirror band to eliminate parallax error
  • 5 year warranty


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