UFP-20 data logging Ultrasonic flow meter hire

November 01, 2019


We both sell and hire the UFP-20 flow meter – full information as below.
Our UFP-20 hire unit is NATA certified 12 monthly as some customers will require a unit fully certified – if this is a requirement for you this is the best selection.

The Tokyo Keiki UFP-20 Transit Time Flow Meter work on the time of flight principle.  A signal is transmitted through the pipe wall from one transducer to another, first with the flow and then back against the flow.  The time difference from send to receive is used to calculate the flow rate.  Transit time flow measurement can be used on most clean fluids with little or no aeration. Applications include water (hot, chilled, pure and seawater), oils, fuels, pharmaceutical, HVAC for energy measurement and balancing, acids and chemicals. Industries include water utilities, power, mining, oil & gas, process, marine, HVAC and many other general industrial applications. Portable units are an ideal commissioning and check metering tool.

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  • NATA certified
  • Compact design and easy to configure
  • Can be used for mobile measurement, flow rate calibration, meter checking and comparing
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of clean, homogenous sonically conductive liquids
  • Non-intrusive, clamps to outside of pipe
  • Built-in data logger accessible via USB
  • Measures flow in pipe sizes DN 20mm to DN 500mm
  • Works with metal and plastic pipes
  • Analogue (4-20mA) output
  • IP 65 weatherproofing
  • 8 hour use from on-board battery
  • Can be used while under charge for longer logging periods.
  • Snap shot monitoring of signal waveforms helps identify ideal mounting positions for transducers



UFP-20 Technical Data Sheet