Setting up a Project & Testing with the Delta aPAT kit

March 18, 2016

Metrel’s new Delta aPAT Pro Print Pack brings new levels of speed and convenience to appliance testing. It enables you to test all your appliances, save the results in a single location, and print, on the spot, high quality test tags.

Delta aPAT Pro Print Pack comes in a robust travel case that contains:

DeltaPAT 3309 BT tester,

Zebra Bluetooth P4T printer for printing high quality test tags with custom logos and

Advanced aPAT android interface for effortless data entry.

Using the Delta aPAT Pro Print Pack is extremely simple. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial to get you started:

To begin, turn on the tester, and open the aPAT app.

1 – Press Open Project

2 – Press the Metrel logo at the top left corner, then select Scan.

3 – Pair your tester by selecting the serial number.

4 – Press the File button, then press

5 – Name the Project, then press Save in the top right.

6 – Select top level of the structure, then select Add Element, in the bottom left.

7 – Select Location, then name the location – we’re naming this Office

8 – Go back to the tree view, then press Add Element.

This time we want to add an appliance – it will move you automatically into the Parameters screen. Here, you set up the appliance ID – the name and the location will be brought through from the previous level in the structure.

9 – Select the Test Type – and in this case we are testing an IEC lead. The retest period for the appliance we have set as 12 months by default – but you can change it.

10 – Now that the test parameters are set up, simply start the test by pressing Start.

11 – The Delta will perform the test and display a Fail or a Pass.

12 – When it is complete, press Print and Save to save the test and print a test tag.

And that’s all there is to it. But the Delta aPAT Pro Print Pack has lots of other features that make it the undisputed choice for appliance testing:

Complete database of tested appliances in one location

Upcoming test alert sent to your tablet or smart phone

Easy-to-create custom auto-tests

Remote operation

Quick data entry with smart phone using barcode or QR code scanner

Data can be uploaded to main office while still on site

Projects can be stored in Dropbox

To learn more about the Metrel Delta aPAT Pro Print Pack, call your Zedflo consultant today.

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