Why Test And Calibration Equipment Is Essential In Perth

September 23, 2015

For the purpose of optimal performance and efficiency, every car needs regular oil changes. This not only helps the engine to run smoothly, it also helps to increase the car’s lifetime. As such, it goes a long in reducing the need to purchase a new car, which is a headache you could do without.

Oil change is the same as the calibration. Basically, calibrating a piece of test equipment also ensures that that equipment is running efficiently and fine-tuned. This is required for, test equipment to provide accurate test results in the event of default product models. So why is test and calibration equipment in Perth important in the face of advanced technology?

Avoid faulty results

Using un-calibrated equipment to test products is likely to yield inaccurate and faulty results. False fails may mean that you are trashing equipment in perfect condition while false passes may mean that you are sending your clients faulty test equipment. Both of the above cases may compromise product testing due to faulty data during product development, customer relations, and the company’s reputation and ultimately leads to unplanned re-development costs.

Avoid equipment settings that do not match those of customers

Another issue that arises when un-calibrated test equipment is used is that wrong equipment settings for given clients. Every client has their preferred test equipment settings and if calibrated equipment is not used, then these requirements may not be met. With un-calibrated equipment, the wrong voltage and time settings are often used hence inaccurate data. Using calibrated test equipment may help to avoid such problems. Moreover, some contracts require that calibrated equipment be used. Failure to do this may land you as a contractor very costly fines and legal battles which in the end are bad for business.

Keep analog components in shape

Test equipment may be a digital device, but to run efficiently it also requires the help of analog components. Calibration does not just fine-tune the settings of this device; it is also responsible for making sure that the analog components remain in the best condition possible at all times. Using calibrated test equipment may help to identify faulty analog components, hence early replacement or repair. This in turn saves the contractor a lot of money as the components are replaced before they can cause damage to the rest of the equipment.

Increase the reliability of equipment

Every client simply wants to make sure that they can trust the reliability of their equipment. This means that the equipment has to be able to make accurate measurements and have a little or no room for error. Unfortunately, using un-calibrated test equipment may not guarantee any of the above. Using calibrated test equipment, however, will.

We are a company based in Western Australia offering the best calibration services in the region. Our state of the art technology is capable of handling any test equipment issues. Regular inspections and traceability are part of what we do to ensure that calibrated equipment reaches our clients in peak condition. For more information on your calibrating needs, please contact us.

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