Dry Well Calibrators

Dry Well Calibrators


Zedflo supplies a variety of dry well calibrators made by leading manufacturer Additel. Additel is known globally as a specialist in dry well technology and temperature calibration instruments, and so we are proud to be able to bring this range of high quality equipment to the Australian market.

Dry Well Calibrators & Baths

ADT875-155 Dry Block Calibrator

The ADT875-155 Dry Block Calibrator by Additel has a temperature range from -40°C to 155°C, dual-zone control, a three-channel thermometer readout, and documenting process. The Choose Your Own Range (CYOR) option enables you to select the upper and lower temperature range you require, and your dry well can then be calibrated to your selected range.

ADT875-350 Dry Block Calibrator

Additel’s ADT875-350 Dry Block Calibrator has a temperature range from 33°C to 350°C, and the option to choose your own range for custom calibration with the CYOR feature. With dual-zone control, a multi-channel readout, task documentation and HART Communication, this portable dry well calibrator is renowned for its durability and loading speed.

ADT875-660 Dry Block Calibrator

The temperature range of the ADT875-660 Dry Block Calibrator manufactured by Additel is 33°C to 660°C. It has both a self-calibration feature and an option whereby you can Choose Your Own Range (CYOR) for optimal performance. The ADT875-660 also features a three-channel thermometer readout and a documenting process, along with a colour touch screen display.

Zedflo is an Australian dry well technology specialist so
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