Repair Services

Repair services overview

At Zedflo, we pride ourselves on offering a consistent quality repair services to customers across Australia. Our technicians are supplied with the latest tools and high-quality spares to give you the best repairs.

Our highly trained technicians offer a wide range of services. From fiddly pump refurbishment and seal replacing, to micro soldering PCB repair. no solution is beyond our reach. Our top priority is customer service, meaning your repair will get the attention it needs.

Approved Service and Calibration Centre

Zedflo is an authorised service and calibration centre for various brands including Additel and Metrel. This is a major advantage over many of our competitors as we provide local service and support, this means rather than repairs taking months to go overseas, we can repair them right here in our Perth facility.

We can handle repairs for customers Australia wide with fast express freight options keep downtime to a minimum.

But it’s not the only these brands instruments we repair, see our section below on what instruments we repair, but if it’s an instrument we sell there is a good chance we can perform servicing and repairs to it, if not then we can organize repair and servicing via our 3rd party partners and suppliers as required.

Zedflo has been a market leader in test and measurement equipment since 1982 and also NATA Accredited Laboratory operating in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025

Repair Services

Key advantages

In house repair service

  • OEM backed and authorised service and repair agents for many instruments in our range.
  • That means less downtime in the event a fault or issue is found.


  • 120 day after repair warranty.
  • NATA accredited calibration after repair where applicable.
  • Advice you can rely on, with 40+ years experience in the industry.

Fast & Easy

  • Standard turn around under 1 week.
  • Expediting options available (as quick as same business day).
  • Express freight options at great rates.

The Zedflo advantage, lifetime service for your test and measurement needs

  • Authorised, OEM backed services
  • Fair and affordable rates
  • 120 day after repair warranty (terms and conditions apply)
  • Fast standard turnaround times, typically under 1 week
  • Expedited service options for same or next day turn around
  • Quality after repair calibration is included where necessary, NATA accredited where applicable.
  • Guarantee to offer professional, impartial advice for your repair or calibration
  • Ongoing NATA calibration as required.

We have a few options you can choose from:

Complete one of the options from ‘How to organize a repair?’

You can send us your instrument, or drop it into us during business hours

If urgent, let us know and we can offer an expedited service for an additional fee

Once we have your instrument, we aim to complete the initial inspection within 1-2 business days. After inspection we will send you a formal quotation for your approval

You can contact us at any time for a status update

After your approval we will perform the quoted works.

Where necessary and where quoted, we will also perform the required calibration after repair.

We aim to complete within 1 week.

When completed we will send you an invoice for payment

If you are on a ‘30 day trade account’ then we will process as per your PO or agreement.

After payment is cleared (or PO is processed for account customers), we will inform you that the goods can be collected, or if you have opted for shipping we will typically dispatch same or next business day.

Normal business hours

Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm

We are closed on public holidays

Accepted payment methods
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Card payment over the phone (Mastercard & Visa only)
  • Eftpos payment in store (Mastercard & Visa only)

The price for each repair will vary, though for many “typical” or “common” repairs we have a standardized pricing structure, so sometimes we can provide an estimate before inspecting the instrument in person. But we may not always be able to provide an estimate and sometimes require physical inspection.

Be aware an estimate is only an estimate; the quote may vary after we have performed the inspection. For example if we find more damage or faults than what was initially expected.

We have a minimum fee of $80 +GST, this applies as a minimum inspection fee and also a minimum repair attempt fee for any instrument we repair.

  • The fee may be waived for a few select reasons, like if the repair was deemed to be covered under warranty, see our full terms and conditions here
  • After we have inspected your instrument we will provide you a formal quotation which you can decide to proceed with or decline. If you decide not to proceed with our quoted repair the minimum fee applies. Some inspections may carry a large inspection fee, but we will inform you before we even investigate the fault if that is the case
  • Some instruments may carry a larger minimum fee, for example in cases where we need to send the instrument to a 3rd party for assessment, in these cases before moving forward we will quote an elevated minimum fee to cover the associated freight costs and 3rd party assessment fees.

Typical internal flow of a repair

Typically, the whole repair process is completed within 1 week.

  • This does vary and depends on various factors including part/component availability and how quickly you respond to our quote.
  • Once we have your instrument, we aim to complete the initial inspection within 1-2 business days. After inspection we will send you a formal quotation for your approval.
  • Your instrument will go through various stages during a typical repair, we are efficient at moving it between various stages in the process but sometimes delays can happen, we will inform you if we expect any kind of lengthy delay.
    We do stock an impressive range of spare parts and components which helps to keep the turnaround time down, but in some cases where parts need to be special ordered or where we expect a longer turnaround time we will inform you when we provide the quotation.
  • Some repairs may be sent to a 3rd party partner or supplier for repair, in which case they will carry a longer than our standard turnaround time. We do, however, strive to provide the very best and accurate estimate of turnaround time at time of quoting.

For expedited ‘same day’ or ‘next day’ service and emergency repairs, Zedflo is the best repair service to look to!

We are always busy and do have a constant stream of work in our laboratory, instruments are usually worked on in the order they are received, and then in order of confirmed approval to proceed with quote, but for a fee your instrument can jump the queue when you require the fastest turnaround possible.

Our Technicians have been trained to respond efficiently to emergency repairs and give you the best possible repair solution on the go.

The fee will vary, and is subject to availability, but as a typical guide:

  • next day turn around add 30% to the normal fee
  • same day (next on bench) turn around add 50% to the normal fee

Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with your instrument repair needs.

View our full accredited scope on the NATA website:

All services including repairs and calibrations are subject to our standard terms and conditions

What instruments we repair

Additel – All instrument types and models – including:

  • ADT680
  • ADT681
  • ADT685
  • ADT686
  • ADT673
  • ADT273Ex
  • ADT773
  • ADT783
  • ADT793
  • ADT762W
  • ADT762
  • ADT761 / ADT761A
  • ADT760
  • ADT780
  • ADT673
  • ADT273Ex
  • ADT260Ex

Also all pressure modules, including:

  • ADT161
  • ADT158EX
  • ADT151

Pneumatic models:

  • ADT901 / ADT901A / ADT901B
  • ADT912 / ADT912A
  • ADT914 / ADT914A
  • ADT916 / ADT916A
  • ADT917
  • ADT918
  • ADT919 / ADT919A
  • ADT920 / ADT920HV

Hydraulic models:

  • ADT925
  • ADT927
  • ADT928
  • ADT936
  • ADT946 / ADT946A
  • ADT959 / ADT959A
  • ADT960
  • ADT878
  • ADT875
  • ADT850
  • ADT286
  • ADT282
  • ADT226 / ADT226EX
  • ADT227 / ADT227EX
  • ADT209
  • ADT210

We can arrange servicing and repairs to all Additel models

If you have an Additel product and it still carries manufacturer support, we should be able to manage it.

If for some reason we are unable to service it here we can arrange it with the Additel directly.

You can always contact us to discuss if required.

East Hills Instruments – Typically only specific models – including:

Only specific models, including:

  • MVP600
  • M10
  • MP-P
  • MP-V
  • M-80

We can arrange servicing and repairs to all East Hills models

If you have an East hills product and it still carries manufacturer support, we should be able to manage it.

While we would typically only have spare parts and procedures for the models listed above, if you have another East Hills instrument and we are unable to service it here we can arrange it with the East Hills directly.

You can always contact us to discuss if required.

Martel – Although this brand no longer exists, we do still have the capability to repair some models, typically only specific models – including:

Only specific models, including:

  • MECP100
  • MECP500
  • MECP10K

For other models please contact us to discuss

Martel the brand unfortunately no longer exists, so typically there is no further manufacturer support.

Some spare parts may still be able to be sourced, if you have any other Martel product please contact us to discuss.

Metrel – All instrument types and models – including:

PAT Testers:

  • MI3309 / MI3309BT DeltaPAT
  • MI3310 / MI3310A SigmaPAT
  • MI3360 OmegaPAT XA (all variants: 25A, F, M)

Machine and switchboard testers:

  • MI3325 MultiServicerXD
  • MI3394 CE MultiTester (All variants: EU, LN, ST, LB)

Digital Multimeters:

  • MD9070
  • MD9060
  • MD9055
  • MD9050
  • MD9040
  • MD9030
  • MD9020
  • MD9016
  • MD9010

Clamp meters:

  • MD9273
  • MD9272
  • MD9260
  • MD9250
  • MD9240
  • MD9235
  • MD9231
  • MD9226
  • MD9210

Thermal Cameras:

  • MD9880
  • MD9930
  • MD9910

Voltage and continuity testers:

  • MD1060
  • MD1160

Non contact voltage detectors:

  • MD126
  • MD106
  • MD116

Multi-function testers:

  • MI3125 / MI3125B / MI3125BT
  • MI3017 Instaltest
  • MI3101
  • MI3152
  • MI3155
  • MI3100
  • MI3102BT

Single function testers:

  • MI3121
  • MI3122
  • MI3123
  • MI3110

PV testers:

  • MI3108
  • MI3109

EV testers:

  • MI3132 EV tester
  • A1632 eMobility Analyser

All models, including:

Earth testers:

  • MI3290 earth analyser (all variants including GX, GF, GL, GP)
  • MI3288 earth insulation tester
  • MI2088 earth insulation tester
  • MI3295 step contact voltage measuring system

Transformer testers:

  • MI3280 DT Analyser
  • MI3281 WR Analyser

Continuity testers:

  • MI3252 MicroOhm 100A
  • MI3250 MicroOhm 10A
  • MI3242 MicroOhm 2A

High voltage insulation testers:

  • MI3210 TeraOhm XA 10kV
  • MI3209 TeraOhmLT 10kV
  • MI3205 TeraOhm XA 5kV
  • MI3201 TeraOhm 5kV plus
  • MI3205 GigaOhm 5kV
  • MI3121H SMARTEC 2.5kV

Power quality analysers:

  • MI2892 Power Master
  • MI2893 Power Maser XT
  • MI2884 Energy Master XA
  • MI 2885 Maser Q4
  • MI 2883 Energy Master

Power calibrator/simulator:

  • CS 2890 power calibrator / simulator
  • MI 2891 power simulator

We can arrange servicing and repairs to all Metrel models

If you have a Metrel product and it still carries manufacturer support, we should be able to manage it.

If for some reason we are unable to service it here we can arrange it with the Metrel directly.

You can always contact us to discuss if required.

Fluke – Typically only specific models – including:

Only specific models, including:

  • 700LTP-1
  • 700PTP-1
  • 700HTP-2

We have only limited servicing capability for Fluke products as we have limited access to parts and procedures.

For other products in the Fluke range, if repair is required it’s generally best to find and contact an authorised repair agent.

You can always contact us to discuss if required.

Zedflo operates an ISO17025 NATA Accredited Calibration Lab.

You can view our NATA scope here

We are able to calibrate all popular and leading brands including Additel, Fluke, Druck, Beamex, Crystal, Transmation, Wika, Metrel, Megger, AEMC and many more