Pressure & Temperature Gauges and Accessories

Measuring pressure accurately is intrinsic to many industrial processes. At Zedflo, we carry a wide variety of pressure gauges to suit every situation. For the highest accuracy and testing, we distribute Additel, Martel and 3D Instruments’ Accu-cal precision digital pressure gauges. These give accuracies of up to 0.025%FS. For slightly less exact applications,but where field toughness is required, 3D Instruments’ Analogue Test Gauge provides accuracy of up to 0.25% of span. For demanding process service, we offer the 3D Accudrive gauge with helical bourdon tube for high resistance to shock and pulsating processes, with no need to liquid fill and 6 year warranty. And for general purpose pressure measurement, we recommend the economical Waaree analogue stainless steel range, with weatherproof stainless steel case and stainless steel internals. We also have models of the Waaree pressure gauge with brass internals. Our inventory of pressure gauges includes gauges with internals made from 316 stainless steel, making them compatible with most aggressively corrosive process media and brass for general purpose.