Pressure Gauges



Zedlfo specialises in supplying high quality pressure gauges to the Australian oil, gas, mining and chemical industries. We stock pressure gauges and process calibration equipment from leading international manufacturers, such as Additel and 3D Instruments, all of which are designed to offer high performance and operational reliability in a wide variety of applications and all types of working environments.

Our well-established distribution network means that we can deliver pressure gauges across Australia quickly and efficiently, and our experienced team provides high levels of after-sales service.


Additel digital pressure gauges and digital pressure test gauges provide an accurate, reliable, and economic solution in wide pressure range.

We supply a range of high-performance pressure gauges that are designed to provide accurate and reliable solutions in all types of pressure applications, including the harsh and extreme conditions encountered in the Australian mining and gas exploration sectors.

Our range of pressure all feature superior engineering and are highly functional, offering a range of customisable features to meet your precise needs.

ADT 680/680W IP67 Digital Pressure Gauge

Manufactured by Additel, the ADT680 series of digital pressure gauges feature microprocessor technology and silicon pressure sensors, and are designed for use in a wide range of pressure applications. These pressure gauges provide unrivalled levels of reliability and performance.

ADT 681 Digital Test Gauge

The Additel ADT 681 digital pressure gauge has IECEX hazardous approval and so is suitable for use in Australia without the need for further testing. It offers a range of accuracy specifications and provides operators with a highly efficient yet cost-effective solution.

ADT 681 Digital Differential Test Gauge

Additel’s ADT 681 Digital Differential Test Gauge provides precision pressure measurement, and can be used for field gauge calibration, pressure regulator testing, and pressure safety valve (PSV) testing. Panel mount gauges and data logging are optional, and an intrinsically safe version is available for use in hazardous areas.

Economical Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges

We supply a range of stainless steel pressure gauges manufactured by Waaree that are suitable for use in a wide variety of sectors. Economically designed for use in a range of process applications, these versatile and cost-effective pressure gauges feature a weatherproof case combined with stainless steel or brass internals.

Precision Test Gauges – 0.1%

These test gauges from 3D Instruments provide long term accuracy, are designed to be corrosion resistant, and feature an easy-to-read, high-res dial. Suitable for use in extreme applications where dust, vibration and temperatures present operational challenges, they make field repair and calibration a much simpler task.

Accu-Cal Plus Digital Test Gauge

Designed and manufactured by 3D Instruments, the Accu-Cal Plus digital pressure test gauge combines the simplicity of an analogue gauge with the high degree of accuracy digital technology provides. Quick and easy to set up, with a robust stainless steel case, the Accu-Cal Plus Digital Test Gauge offers unrivalled features and performance.

Accu-Cal Platinum Digital Test Gauge

This test gauge by 3D Instruments is the most accurate digital test gauge we supply, with ±0.04% of reading accuracy and temperature compensated accuracy over 0 to 50°C. Available in a number of pressure ranges, it has a large back-lit display and a number of customisable features so that it can be configured to meet your precise needs.

Test Gauges – 0.25%

Suitable for use in harsh environments and designed to withstand extremes in vibration and temperature, Accu-drive 0.25% test gauges by 3D Instruments have a range up to 40 mPa and are designed for both bench and field use. Able to configured in a variety of ways and featuring a versatile stem mounting system, these test gauges never need to be recalibrated and come in a high impact resistant case.

DPG-6000 Digital Process Gauges

This battery-powered digital pressure gauge by 3D Instruments features pressure sensors from 0-350 to 0-70,000 kPa to provide accuracy of 0.25% of full scale. It has a 20 mm, 4-digit digital display incorporating a 25 segment bar graph, and is easy to read and use in all types of working environments and weather conditions.

High Performance Pressure Gauges

The range of 3D Instruments Accu-drive pressure gauges can be put to the test in any type of harsh working environment, and offer flexibility and a range of configurations. Recalibration is not necessary and no liquid filling of the case is required. These robust and reliable gauges are backed by a six-year warranty.


With more than thirty years’ experience in the process calibration equipment and electrical instrumentation industry, Zedlfo offers unrivalled experience and expertise. Contact us on (08) 9302 1266 or email us at to talk to our team and find out more about the range of pressure gauge solutions we can provide.