Process Calibration Equipment

Process Calibration Equipment


Key to efficiency in the mining, oil and gas industry is accuracy for the devices used such as process calibration equipment. Dependable and accurate process calibrators, test equipment and control instrumentation have become important. Zedflo supplies a range of test and process calibration equipment that brings world-class accuracy within easy reach. To back up our extensive range, we offer the comprehensive after-sales support service. Take a moment to browse our range of process calibration equipment, and you will see that, whatever you need to calibrate, we have a high quality, cost-effective instrument for doing so. Our range of process calibration equipment contains meters for every purpose. Additel is one of the most respected names in the calibration equipment industry, and we carry their ranges of multifunction calibrators, loop and signal calibrators, digital test gauges and bench top, pressure and laboratory calibrators. For pressure calibration, Additel offer a range of hand pumps from precise low pressure to high pressures. And to ensure everything joins up neatly, we have Additel’s adapter kits.

Process Calibration

Process calibration is a critical aspect of industrial operations. We specialise in helping you to calibrate your equipment for peak performance to ensure your equipment is accurate and consistent.

Calibration Methods

Calibration is an essential process that ensures the accuracy and reliability of measuring instruments across various industries. It involves comparing a device’s output with a known standard and making adjustments to the calibrated instrument if required. Our offerings range from simple manual methods to advanced automated systems, depending on the equipment’s complexity and required precision. 

The Importance of Calibration in Industry

Calibration is vital for ensuring product quality, safety, and regulation compliance in the industry. It helps maintain consistent production standards and minimises errors that could lead to costly downtime or safety hazards.

  • Calibration Quality: We excel in delivering top-tier NATA Accredited pressure and electrical calibration services, emphasising precision and reliability. Our advanced equipment and expert team ensure your units function accurately with measurements traceable by an unbroken chain of calibrations to Australian and International National Measurement Institution standards. With rigorous testing and comprehensive documentation, we guarantee measurement accuracy and strict regulatory compliance, solidifying our status as a leader in quality calibration. 
  • Calibration Safety: Calibration safety is essential for ensuring the accuracy of instruments and the safety of users and technicians. It involves strict adherence to safety protocols, proper use of tools, and thorough training to prevent malfunctions and accidents. This practice not only protects against injuries and equipment damage but also maintains the integrity of the measurement process, securing a reliable and safe working environment. 
  • Calibration Compliance: Calibration compliance ensures that measurement instruments meet industry standards and regulatory guidelines – essential for quality control and legal requirements. Regular compliance calibrations are crucial for early issue identification and preventing downtime – upholding the functionality and credibility of these tools in diverse industries.

We can help your company or facility to comply with all the above requirements. We also give consultation regarding equipment replacement or future upgrades. Get in touch with us today to ensure more accurate and compliant equipment.

Our Calibration Services

There are various types of calibration that we can help with, including electrical, pressure and temperature calibration. 

Each type focuses on different aspects of measurement and requires specific techniques and equipment.

We are well versed in these and can consult on equipment, processes and training for each. Give us a call or submit a contact form if you have any questions.

Electrical Calibration

Our NATA-accredited electrical calibration services ensure the accuracy and reliability of your electrical measuring instruments. We calibrate a wide range of equipment, including multimeters, appliance testers, electrical calibrators, power quality meters and installation testers.

Our state-of-the-art calibration laboratory is equipped with advanced technology to calibrate your equipment precisely, ensuring your requirements are fulfilled.

Rely on us to enhance the performance and safety of your electrical instruments. Get in contact with us if you have any questions regarding specific electrical calibration services.

Pressure Calibration

Our NATA-accredited pressure calibration services are designed to give you confidence in the functioning of your pressure calibration and measurement equipment. We calibrate a wide range of equipment, from industrial analogue gauges to high-end pressure calibration gear.

We are equipped to provide NATA-accredited calibrations services up to 415 MPa.

Contact us if you require any pressure calibration services.

Temperature Calibration

Our non-accredited temperature calibration services involve calibrations against reference SPRTs using dry-well calibrators. We can calibrate RTDs, thermocouples and dry-wells.

Contact us for any of your temperature calibration needs.

Get in touch with us for your next calibration

Our comprehensive calibration services are indispensable for any industry seeking precision, safety, and compliance. Book your calibration today!

By offering a diverse range of calibration types, we cater to the unique needs of various measurement instruments. If you have equipment that needs calibration that we have not outlined above, please contact us for further information.

Our meticulous process calibration ensures the accuracy and consistency of your equipment, enhancing overall industrial operations. With our expert team and advanced methods, we align measurements with standards and elevate the quality and reliability of production processes. With our team and process, you can feel confident that your equipment will work more accurately and efficiently than ever before. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Trust us to be your partner in maintaining the highest measurement accuracy and operational excellence standards. Contact us at Zedflo today for your next calibration.