Power Quality Analysers



At Zedflo, we stock and supply a range of power quality analysers by leading manufacturer Metrel.


Designed to assess the power quality in low and medium voltage systems, they have long-term recording as well as troubleshooting capabilities and can provide a quick, user-friendly data overview. Power quality analysers are an essential tool for the measurement and logging of power systems, and the Metrel range offers a highly proficient means of measuring voltage and frequency stability.

MI 2892 Power Master

Metrel’s MI 2892 Power Master analyses three-phase and single-phase power systems and is used to detect anomalies in harmonics, phasors and waveforms. It measures voltage, current and power (active, reactive, apparent), as well as energy (active, reactive, generated, consumed), and records power supply events, such as interruptions and shutdowns. Data can be downloaded and transferred to other applications (e.g., Excel) for straightforward analysis and sharing.

MI 2885 Master Q4

Metrel’s MI 2885 Master Q4 gives users the option of setting 7 optional triggers for capturing waveforms of selected quantities, and it automatically records voltage events such as dips and swells. For use in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems, it is both a long-term recording instrument as well as a troubleshooting tool, and the PowerView3 software package provides detailed analysis and can be used to create test reports. The measuring functions include voltage and current (TRMS, peak, crest factor), as well as power (active, reactive, apparent).

MI 2883 Energy Master

The MI 2883 Energy Master power quality analyser by Metrel is designed for energy logging and calculating efficiency, and provides users with a quick yet comprehensive data overview. The graphic colour display is designed to assist easy on-site analysis, and it is straightforward to record all data and then generate test reports. As well as measuring voltage, current and power, the MI 2883 power quality analyser also measures active, reactive, generated and consumed energy.


If you want to find out more about our range of Metrel power quality analysers, get in touch with the team at Zedflo on 08 9302 1266 or email us at sales@zedflo.com.au.