Flow Switches



Zedflo supplies Australian industry with flow switch ranges manufactured by Gems and McDonnell & Miller. These liquid flow switches are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, including water treatment systems, pumps systems, cooling systems and many more.


Our flow switches can be put to work in any type of liquid transfer system where the close monitoring of liquid flow, automatic trip signals, and/or alarms are required.

Zedflo flow switches are designed to function at a wide range of operating pressures and temperatures. Our range also features switches that are designed specifically for heavy duty, high sensitivity applications, or for use in environments where there is exposure to dust or water.


Gems FS-550 High Pressure Paddle Flow Switch
Monitors flow/no-flow conditions in both directions, and can be installed in pipe lines sized 1¼” and greater.

Gems FS-200 General Purpose Straight-Through Flow Switch

Strong and durable flow switch especially designed for detecting flow rates in cooling, process and high volume lubrication systems.

McDonnell & Miller FS1 Series High Sensitivity Liquid Flow Switches

Ideal for use in high sensitivity applications with moderate or low flow rates. Features a completely enclosed switch compartment and in-line configuration.

McDonnell & Miller FS4-3 and FS4-3T Series General Purpose Liquid Flow Switches

Versatile flow switches that can be used across many types of application, including to start/stop electrically operated equipment.

McDonnell & Miller FS5 Series General Purpose Liquid Flow Switches

Flow switches designed for use in any type of application where low flow rate sensitivity is required.

McDonnell & Miller FS6 and FS6-W Series High Sensitivity Liquid Flow Switches

Designed for use in applications where high sensitivity and instant switching is required, such as water treatment, electronic circuit cooling, and compressors.

McDonnell & Miller FS7-4W Series Metal Paddle Industrial Flow Switches

Designed to monitor flow/no-flow conditions in both directions, the paddle length is trimmed to size during installation to enable switching at the desired flow rate.

McDonnell & Miller FS8-W Series General Purpose Flow Switches

Water tight/dust tight switches particularly suited to applications where they may be exposed to the elements.


At Zedflo, we supply flow switches of the highest quality across Australia, and our experience in this field means that we can help you make the right choice when it comes to switches for your industry. Call us on or email us on sales@zedflo.com.au to speak to our team about the full range of Gems and McDonnell & Miller flow switches we can provide.