How To Replace The Pressure Control Switch For Your Water Pump

Removal and replacement of the water pump pressure control switch is not usually an easy task especially for people with little know-how on such matters. Luckily, you can follow detailed steps that show you what you need to do to successfully remove and replace the water pump pressure control switch. In a successful operation, you rarely end up with too much water spillage. Ineffective procedures for removal and replacement of the pressure switch usually cause too much water spillage. Here are tips that will make this process easy for you and reduce water spillage.

Cut power supply

First, you need to switch off the electrical power. This goes a long way to ensure you do not have a fountain of water all over the place when you unscrew the pump control. Sometimes people forget to do this and end up in a water mess. When accidentally forget to turn of the power supply and unscrew the pump control, do not panic. Simply turn of the pump and locate the closest valve. Opening this valve will help reduce water pressure in the system and reduce spillage.

Disconnection of electrical wiring

The pump control switch also has electrical wiring. In that case, you need to disconnect the electrical wiring from the pump. Although it is obvious, you need to find the pressure control switch first to cut off power supply for safe operation. If you do not know much about wiring, you can take a photo of the wiring before touching anything. You can also label all the wires and create a sketch indicating wire connections to the switch terminals. Mark all electrical wires and their respective connections for easier connection after disconnection.

Getting rid of water pressure

It is important to remove water pressure from your tank since you do not want it squirting all over when you start working. Therefore, remove the water pressure before moving on to plumbing fittings. To get rid of water pressure from the tank, you can simply open a nearby tap or faucet.

Dealing with old parts

You need to remove the old parts by unscrewing. Water will flow out as you unscrew the old parts of the pump. This usually happens where the control switch has-been mounted. If you do not have anyone assisting you with the replacement, you can block leaking water by using a pipe plug.

Control switch replacement

After safely removing everything, you can replace the control switch with a new one. Once you have successfully replaced the control switch, work on wiring connection by paying attention to the labels you made during disconnection. Take your time with electrical wiring connection to ensure you get it right.

If you are planning to replace the pressure control switch for your water pump, you can always follow these tips for a successful outcome. Always remember to cut off power supply before working on electrical wiring disconnection. This safety procedure protects you from electrocution. Lastly, it is always recommendable to have someone around who can assist you especially when dealing with water leakages.