High Performance Temperature Indicators

High Performance Temperature Indicators



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The 3D thermometer is superior to other systems because it provides an evenly graduated scale without the use of a multiplying mechanism or delicate geared segments, pinions or hair springs. This results in a most rugged instrument suitable for installations which have severe vibration and shock.

Because of its “gearless” mechanism, the 3D thermometer has many advantages compared with conventional type thermometers.


Up to two 5 amp micro switches per unit
Adjustable maximum temperature indicator
Sliding union connections available on sensing bulb
Remote or direct mount styles available
Weather proof enclosures

  • Excellent stability
  • Simple mechanism – less trouble
  • More durable against vibration and shock
  • Smoother movement of pointer action
  • Greater accuracy
  • Greater sensitivity and response to temperature changes
  • Direct mount, any angle or capillary