ADT875-350 Dry Well Calibrator

ADT875-350 Dry Well Calibrator

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If you are serious about portable temperature calibration tools, then you know a good dry block calibrator is more than just a stable heat source. The Additel 875 Series Dry Block Calibrators combine excellent performance in stability, radial and axial uniformity, they are loaded with speed, ruggedness and portability. With coverage from -40C to 660 over 3 calibrator models ensures there is a unit to suit your temperature requirements.

But we don’t stop there!

The Process Calibrator option adds the capabilities of a three-channel thermometer readout and a documenting process calibrator. We’ve also incorporated a unique option to select your own temperature range within the range of the model selected. We’re calling this the CYOR option or Choose Your Own Range option. When you purchase the CYOR option, you pick the upper and lower temperature range needed and we calibrate and optimize the dry well’s performance over your selected range. Each unit has a color touch screen display, dual-zone control, and much more. You are just going to love these new dry block calibrators!

  • Temperature range of 33°C to 350°C
  • Portable, rugged, and quick to temperature
  • Metrology-level performance in stability, uniformity, accuracy and loading effect
  • Dual-zone control
  • Process calibrator option provides a multi-channel readout for a reference thermometer, RTDs and TCs, task documentation and HART Communication
  • Color touch screen display
  • Choose your own range option for custom calibration
  • Set point control by reference
  • Self calibration feature