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Controls & Accessories



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Standard Controls

  • Series MPC manual controls for operator cycling selection, and smaller quantity sampling. Stainless steel construction.
  • Series EP4-1 micro PLC controller with graphical display and pneumatic air set (filter, regulator, control valve). Standard control logic for user defined sample cycle time (2 seconds-4.25 hours per cycle) for true composite sampling. Remote start/stop and remote enable/lockout features are also standard.
  • Series AP uses all pneumatic circuits for operation in hazardous conditions or where no electrical service is available. Time-base ranges 0-60 minutes. Circuits for batch-auto stop, air eject, and other functions available.



  • Line Mounting Adapters sanitary Tees for welding or ferrule clamp mounting. Stainless steel, l½” – 4″ or larger lines. Chemical/Industrial line using threads, instrument hub, ferrules or ANSI flanges available. Materials to suit.
  • Standard Enclosures protect and limit access to sample. Stainless steel, fully insulated plus heating provisions available.
  • Steam or Electric Heating insulating jackets for supplemental heat around sampler. Stainless steel, inert mineral insulation optional.
  • Other Accessories flush valves (water or solvent). Manually actuated.
  • Sample Bottles available in plastic, glass, stainless, or custom materials on request.