ADT959A Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Pump

ADT959A Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Hand Pump

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The Additel ADT959A is designed to generate pressure up to 280,000 kPa (2,800 bar) for applications requiring accurate pressure testing and calibration. The hand pump enables the ADT959A to fill large volume systems.  The ADT959A is a durable unit and requires minimal maintenance. The isolation valve provides stable pressures while reducing maintenance on the hand pump check valve. Pressures to 280,000 kPa (2,800 bar) can be generated easily with the dual-piston system. It can be used in calibrating pressure gauges, transmitters, or other pressure measuring instruments.

  • Pressurise large-volume workload
  • Generate pressure to 280,000 kPa (2,800 bar)
  • Increase and decrease pressure smoothly
  • Three pressure ports