SAB Liquid & Slurry Sampler

November 01, 2019



The Isolok process samplers can be used to sample almost any liquid or slurry stream by either a composite, batch or grab sample.  The design prevents exposure of the operators to any hazardous process media as collection is always isolated from process and can’t be left open.  Sample is always at atmospheric pressure.

Standard construction is 316 stainless steel, with a variety of exotic alloys and elastomeric seals available to suit almost any process stream.

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  • For chemical process sampling, waste effluents, petrochemicals, mining, food and pharmaceuticals.
  • Batch or composite sampling
  • 10cc or 25cc sample volume per cycle
  • Handles solids up to 9mm outside diameter size
  • Rugged 316 Stainless construction
  • Abrasion-resistant elastomers available for slurry service
  • Specialized alloys and seals available on request
  • Only one moving part for sample capture
  • Minimizes fugitive emissions
  • Process pressure vacuum to 2100 kPa
  • Process temperature: -40°C to 288°C


For composite sampling , using a 25cc sampler , 25cc will be withdrawn each time the sampler is cycled , up to a maximum of 30 times per minute. At the maximum cycle rate the collected sample will be 750cc per minute. The rate is fully adjustable from this rate to as slowly as desired. As an example , if the sampler were cycled once every 10 minutes the collected sample over eight hours would amount to 1200cc’s , giving 48 individual sample portions to make up the composite.


SAB Liquid & Slurry Sampler