What You Should Know About Pressure And Temperature Switches For Steam Boiler Applications

Boilers have been used in various industries for many years now. The older versions of such pieces of equipment have been carved from wrought iron whilst the more modern versions that we see these days are made from steel alloys or even steel. These boilers are highly important in many applications, the most popular of which are for food preparation, steam power generation, hot water applications and water sanitation.

Due to the many applications with which industries depend on boilers, it is imperative that careful design of such should be brought to mind. In order to keep them safe for your particular purpose, both temperature and pressure switches are important in its manufacture. In line with these, here are things you should know about such switches for steam boiler applications. Particularly, at the end of this article, you will be familiar with the proper control for temperature and pressure in the steam generation process.

A malfunctioning high pressure switch can trigger boiler explosion

The high steam pressure switch is one that can be triggered once the steam pressure inside the boiler reaches a high point. This will eventually trigger the vessel’s burner to discontinue firing. If the pressure switch is not functioning accordingly, there is a great chance that the burner will continue firing. This will then result to more problems, including the possibilities of building higher pressure on the vessel thus causing it to explode. Choosing a pressure switch that can handle pressure levels will be suitable for various steam conditions.

A malfunctioning high gas pressure switch can cause the boiler to overheat


There is also a high gas pressure switch in industrial boilers. This can be seen in versions of boilers that require natural gas combustion in order to power the heat in the vessel. When such a switch in a boiler malfunctions, there is a great chance that too much natural gas will flow into the combustor. As a result, the burner will leak because the fuel inside it is not mixed properly. Additionally, it will also result to an overheating boiler. Different pressure switch models are available and are best suited for boilers that make use of natural gas.

A malfunctioning temperature switch can be too high or too low for the boiler

Oil low as well as oil high temperature switch can both cause a problem to boilers. You have to take note that the proper temperature switch is important in order to burn oil properly. Properly burning oil can be achieved when the oil is heated at the proper temperature. This will ensure the appropriate vaporisation for either the air or fuel mix. A temperature switch should be able to monitor if the oil is too high or is falling below the requirement.

Pressure and temperature switches are with no doubt crucial to the proper functioning of steam boilers whether for steam power generation or for the various applications with which a boiler is needed. Industries must then look for the appropriate switches for their boilers. Start by browsing through our pages today!