Capacitance Level Switches



Zedflo stocks a wide range of capacitance level switch devices manufactured by Dinel, one of the world’s best-known names when it comes to level and flow measurement systems. We supply an extensive selection of level and touch switches to industries and organisations across Australia.

FS-4 Float System

Designed for detecting the leakage of petroleum and petroleum products in trap or protection reservoirs, the FS-4 Float System is designed so that the sensor face can be submerged, and is then activated when it comes into contact with water or a steel surface, or deactivated when making contact with petroleum.

FLD-48 Flexible Capacitance Level Switch

The FLD-48 “Meduse” level sensor is a flexible device designed to detect the levels of a variety of liquids in non-conductive vessels. It has a self-adhesive layer for easy attaching to both flat and gently curved surfaces, and configuring the sensor is a very straightforward process.

GPLS-25 Capacitance Level Switches

Designed for use with both conductive and non-conductive liquids, GPLS-25 Capacitance Level Switches can be used on glass or plastic gauge pipes, tubes and tanks. Setting the two modes (normally open or normally closed) is simple to do using a magnetic pen, and there are both fixed cable and connector versions available.

CLS-23 Capacitance Level Switches

Designed for limited level detection of electrically conductive and non-conductive fluids such as water, cooling liquids, oil, etc., CLS-23 Capacitance Level Switches are suitable for use in a range of applications, including pipes, tanks, reservoirs and sumps. These switches are capable of high temperature performance, with pressure resistance up to 7 MPa.

DLS-35 Capacitance Level Switches

DLS-35 Capacitance Level Sensors can be configured to use a range of electric connections, including connectors, cable glands and protective conductors. They can be directly mounted in a range of storage applications, including reservoirs, tanks and filling inlets, and they have stability at high sensitivity, making them suitable for use for material with Ɛr ≥ 1.3.

CPS-24 Capacitance Proximity Switch

Designed for detecting the proximity or motion of solid objects, the CPS-24 Capacitance Proximity Switch can also be used for indicating liquid levels through non-conductive walls or sight glasses. The CPS-24 has adjustable sensitivity, and there are versions suitable for use in explosive areas.

CLS-18 Low Cost Capacitance Level Switches

This is a cost-effective level switch that can be used in industrial, laboratory and OEM applications. CLS-18 Low Cost Capacitance Level Switches are compact devices that are ideal for level detection in all types of conductive liquids.

DLS-27 Capacitance Level Switches

DLS-27 Capacitance Level Switches can be used for point level sensing of both bulk solids and liquids, and can be configured to use both rod and rope sensing electrodes. There are stainless steel and coated sensor versions available, and they can be directly mounted in all types of storage applications.

CLS-53N Capacitance Level Switch

Ideal for the point level sensing of bulk solids, the sensor output features an electronic switch, and both the sensitivity and output mode (normally open/normally closed) can be configured using a magnetic pen. There is a visual LED status indication, and the supply voltage ranges from 20V to 250V.


We supply all of the devices in our extensive range of Dinel capacitance level switches to operators and industries throughout Australia. Call us on 08 9302 1266 or email to speak to our team and learn more.