CTS-41 Capacitance Touch Switch

CTS-41 Capacitance Touch Switch



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CTS-41 capacitive touch switches are intended for LED lighting switching or for similar power loads. It is possible to perfectly hide this switching system. The touch switch operates through non-conductive materials so it can be installed into furniture, behind plasterboard, tiling or in any other interior place. A connector with two inputs is provided for electric connection on the switch. One input is used for power supply while the other one for connection of electric equipment. The sensor has an automatic sensitivity setting function after a power supply restoration. The sensor is also able to correct slow changes of di-electric properties of the covering wall (e.g. in case of wall moistening).

• For modern method of LED lighting switching or for similar power loads

• The touch sensor allows switching through non-conductive materials (such as wood, glass, ceramics, plasterboard, etc.)

• The sensor has no movable parts so that its service life is unlimited

• Multiple methods of installation using self-adhesive tape, glue or screws

• Power supply voltage 10 – 28 V DC

• Sensitivity automatic control