FLD-48 Flexible Capacitance Level Switch

FLD-48 Flexible Capacitance Level Switch



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The flexible level sensor FLD-48 “Meduse” is designed for detecting the levels of various liquids in non-conductive vessels. It is made from polyurethane, giving it a flexible housing with a flexible self-adhesive layer, enabling simple attachment on flat and mildly curved surfaces of vessel walls. Special configuration of the sensing surfaces and control by means of a single-chip microprocessor enables reliable detection of the media and concurrent elimination of settled contamination on the internal side of the vessel. Setting of the sensor’s sensitivity is very simple – performed by attaching the programming wire on the positive or negative of the supply voltage. The sensor can be connected in the relay electrical circuit or on the control system binary inlet.


• For limit level sensing of liquids in nonconductive plastic and glass vessels

• Miniature design in flexible housing, can be located on mildly bent surfaces

• The electrode system eliminates contamination in the vessel internal side

• Simple self-adhesive fixing

• Configuration and adjustment by third “programming” wire

• LED state indication