The Besta Level Switch Concept

The Besta Level Switch Concept



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The Besta TriMod Level Switch…

BESTA’s modular design is a unique deviation from conventional level switch construction. This modular system allows individual and numerous combinations of float, flange and switch modules to suit your specific requirements.

Switch modules are available with electric, electronic or pneumatic output signals.

Switch housings are standard to IP 65 (Ingress Protection class), but depending on environmental conditions IP 67 or IP 68 must be chosen.

For hazardous areas, hermetically sealed microswitches, flameproof housings or pneumatic switch modules can be used.



…is quickly installed…

TriMod BESTA flange modules are available acc. to various standards. The most commonly used square flange and some special sizes are covered by the StandardRange. The Industrial and PlasticFlangeRanges are manufactured acc. to international standards such as DIN, ANSI, BS or JIS.

The benefit of the hinged cover, the captive screws and the self lifting terminal clamps is an easy installation. For convenience of wiring, the connection diagram is shown on the inside of the hinged lid.

The interchangeability of the single modules allows high flexibility regarding maintenance or changing application requirements. The glandless design permits on-line maintenance of all dry side components whilst the wetside is subjected to full process conditions.


…and lasts forever.

So far, hundreds of thousands of TriMod BESTA level switches have been sold worldwide. The float movement caused by the raise and fall of the liquid level is transmitted by two repelling, permanent AINiCo magnets.

The sturdy design and the double snap effect as a result of the magnetic repulsion and the snap action of the microswitch guarantee a virtually unlimited lifetime.

The float modules, like all wetted parts, are made of stainless steel, Hastelloy C or high quality plastics. A wide range of floats are available to suit various densities and pressure ranges for almost any process condition.