CLS-23 Capacitance Level Switches

CLS-23 Capacitance Level Switches



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The CLS-23 capacitance level sensors are designed for limited level detection of electrically conductive and non-conductive fluids in vessels, reservoirs, sumps, pipes, tanks, etc. The sensitivity of the sensor can be easily set by placing the magnetic pen on the spot. The process coupling at the housing can be with a metric thread (M18x1.5 ; M20x1.5), pipe thread (G3/8″ ; G1/2″) or sealing thread(NPT 1/2–14). Output performances – transistor output with open collector (PNP), two wire electronic switch (S) and NAMUR output.


  • Detection of various types electrical conductive or non-conductive liquids (water, water solution, cooling liquids, oil, ets.)
  • Sensitivity setting by means of magnetic pen
  • Direct mounting into various containers, vessels, tanks, etc.
  • Outputs S, PNP, NAMUR (for explosive areas)
  • High temperature performance, pressure resistance up to 7 MPa
  • Process coupling – thread M18, M20, G3/8“ or 1/2–14 NPT