ULM-55 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

ULM-55 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter



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The ULM® ultrasonic level transmitter is a self contained device that includes transducer and electronics in one module. The ULM transmits a series of ultrasonic pulses which propagates towards the liquid surface. Reflected acoustic wave is received back in the ULM transducer and processed in electronic module. The distance calculations are based on time of flight of the acoustic wave to the level and back.

The ultrasonic level transmitters are suited for level measurement of various liquid materials, sewerage waters, paste materials and suspended solids. All the setting is done by means of two buttons, located in the upper part of the sensor.

  • For continuous level measurement of liquids and paste materials in open or closed vessels, sumps and open channels
  • ATEX Explosion proof models available
  • Configuration and adjustment of measuring range by two buttons
  • State indication by two LED’s