CLM-36 Capacitance Level Transmitter

CLM-36 Capacitance Level Transmitter



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The CLM capacitance level transmitters are designed for continuous level measurement of liquids, powders and bulk-solid materials in vessels, tanks, sumps, containers, silos, etc. The CLM consists of the stainless steel housing with electronic module and the measuring electrode.

The type of measuring electrode is defined by application and type of process media. Capacitance level transmitters are offered in version “N” for non-hazardous environments or “Xi” ATEX approved version for hazardous areas. High temperature options and choice of process connections are also available.

  • For continuous level measurement of liquid and bulk-solid materials
  • Direct mounting onto silos, vessels basins, reservoirs etc
  • Continual adjustment of initial capacitance
  • Hazardous area and high temperature models available
  • Current (4-20ma) or voltage (1-10V) output