MI 2077 Tera Ohm 5kV

MI 2077 Tera Ohm 5kV



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At Zedflo, we supply the MI 2077 Tera Ohm 5 kV from Metrel. It is an advanced, field proven high voltage diagnostic insulation tester. The MI 2077 performs insulation resistance measurements up to 5TΩ, step voltage test, withstanding voltage test, polarization index (PI), dielectric discharge (DD) and Dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) calculation and capacitance measurement. The built-in memory and optional PC SW TeraLink enables the data to be stored, downloaded to a PC, test results analysed and test reports printed. The bright LCD display along with the small lightweight design makes the Tera Ohm 5 kV an ideal portable unit.

  • Resistance measuring range up to 5 TΩ
  • Adjustable test voltage from 250 V to 5000 V in 50 V steps
  • Fully programmable step voltage and withstanding voltage test functions assist in diagnosing faults in insulation
  • Automatic PI, DAR and DD index calculation and capacitance measurement up to 50µF
  • Automatic load discharge after completed measurement
  • Guard terminal for elimination of insulation surface currents
  • AC and DC voltage measurement up to 600 V
  • Internal memory module stores up to 1000 measuring results with time and date stamp