MI 3201 Tera Ohm 5kV

MI 3201 Tera Ohm 5kV



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At Zedflo, we supply the MI 3201 Tera Ohm 5 kV Plus from Metrel. It is a portable insulation tester designed to measure insulation resistance by using high DC test voltages up to 5 kV. Tera Ohm 5 kV Plus performs insulation resistance measurements up to 10 T§Ù, step voltage test, withstanding voltage test, polarization index (PI), dielectric discharge (DD), and Dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) calculation and capacitance measurement. Results can be stored and downloaded to a computer via a USB or RS232 connection with the optional PC SW TeraLink Pro. The large LCD screen enables a real-time graph to be displayed.

  • Automated testing – PI, DD, DAR calculations with automated resistance ranging (AR). All data is displayed during one single measurement.
  • Fault finding – Fully programmable step voltage and withstanding voltage test functions to assist in diagnosing faults in insulation.
  • R(t) graph – Real time resistance against time graph plotting facility to graphically illustrate the response of a material to an applied test voltage.
  • Faster testing – High 5 mA charging current quickly charges capacitive loads.
  • Accurate – Selectable noise rejection filters (up to 5 mA) and shielded cables as standard ensure accurate readings.
  • Safe – High CAT IV, 600 V voltage protection
  • Complies with IEC/EN61557-2, EN 61326 class B, EN 61010-1 (instrument) & EN 61010-031(accessories)