MD 106 Non-Contact Voltage Detector

MD 106 Non-Contact Voltage Detector



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The MD 106 is a basic non-contact voltage tester that features an optical and acoustical indicator. It comes complete with a pocket clip. It is easy to operate and is an essential tool for both home handymen and professionals. The MD 106 can detect live-voltage wires in splices, cable plugs, cable drums, sockets, switches and junction boxes. The operation of the MD 106 can be verified with the self-test button. The Metrel MD 106 uses a capacitive measuring process. In contrast to inductive measurements, no flow of current is required.

  • Non-contact voltage detection from 90 V AC
  • Optical and acoustical indication in case of power
  • 90 V … 1000 V AC measurement range
  • Optical and acoustical indication
  • CAT IV / 1000 V overvoltage protection
  • General purpose
  • Low level electrical testing
  • Hobby work