MI3309BT Delta Portable Appliance Tester

MI3309BT Delta Portable Appliance Tester

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The Metrel MI3309BT DeltaPAT is one of the most popular testers in the industry, given that it’s capable of conducting any test you require and has an extremely simple and easy-to-use functionality.

With a vast range of powerful features, its been designed to save you time by speeding up your testing process.

It is both battery and mains powered and has a unique RCD testing technology that requires no need for an isolation transformer when testing portable RCD’s. This means you can test for both portable and fixed RCD’s.

Overall, the DeltaPAT is a highly comprehensive and cost-effective tester that comfortably leads the pack in its price range.

Unit Supplied with: 240V Extension Lead Adaptor, Mains Lead, 1 x Test Lead, 1 x Probe & Clip, Batteries, USB&RS232 Cable, Manual, Software, and Certificate of Calibration.

Warranty: 2 Years

Tests Performed:

  • Functional and visual inspection
  • Earth bond resistance
  • Insulation resistance
  • Insulation resistance of isolated accessible conductive parts
  • Substitute leakage current
  • Substitute leakage current of isolated accessible conductive parts
  • Differential leakage current test
  • Touch leakage test
  • PRCD test
  • Power test
  • IEC cord polarity test
  • Large and easy to read LCD screen
  • Side light that flashes GREEN or RED – indicating a passed or failed item
  • Large flash memory, stores approximately 1500 tests
  • Export your data to a PC for test report creation
  • Hand held and lightweight
  • Includes PATLink pro software or Metrel Electrical Safety Manager (MESM) software (download)
  • Compatible with PATLink android or aPAT android apps (addtional charge)
  • Bluetooth functionality: data logging and printer connectivity
  • Can be connected to a label printer, or available in various different sets, see our range here
Warranty 2 Years
Overvoltage Category CAT II / 300 V
Voltage TRMS Range: 80 ÷ 300 V
Polarity Test <50 V AC
Earth Continuity 200 mA in to 2.00 Ω. Range: 0.00-1999 Ω
Insulation Resistance Voltage: 250 VDC or 500 VDC. Range: 0.00-199.9 MΩ
Diff. Leakage Current Voltage: 230 V AC. Range: 0.00 mA ÷ 7.0 mA
Touch Leakage Current Voltage: 230 V AC, Range: 0.00 mA ÷ 7.0 mA
RCD and PRCD Testing 10mA, 30mA
Power Measurement Voltage: 230 V AC. Range: 0.00 kVA ÷ 4.00 kVA
Operation ~10 h
Weight 1.2kg
Dimensions 14cm x 8cm x 23cm
Protection Degree case IP 40/connectors IP 20

Industrial Systems

  • Electrical Equipment / Appliances
  • Working Places Health / Safety Care
  • Maintenance / Troubleshooting

Buildings Facility Management

  • Public areas Safety / Quality
  • Fire Safety
  • Risk Assessments

Special Installations / Locations

  • Construction Sites
  • Fire Brigade Vehicles
  • Military / Police Vehicles
  • Medical Sites / Surgery Rooms
  • Ambulance Vehicles / LV Emergency Units
  • Mobile Video / Audio / Concert Halls / Fair Playground